Legacies, regular giving, and gifts in wills

A gift to Hospice EBoP can help us invest in the care of future generations

You can plan to support Hospice for the long term in a few different ways; one of these is planning to make small regular donations, another is by leaving a gift, of any size, to Hospice in your Will.


We are committed to providing Hospice services in the now and the future, free of charge. For people in the eastern Bay with a life-shortening condition, Hospice is more than just a medical service; it is a philosophy of care. Our goal is to help people make the most of their lives.

We care for the whole person, not just their physical needs but also their emotional, spiritual, and social needs too. We care for family / whānau and friends as well, both before and after a death. Irrespective of where they are, this philosophy of care does not change and everything we provide is free of charge.

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Why donate to Hospice EBOP?

Choosing Hospice EBoP ensures your gift stays local, directly benefits the EBOP community, and keeps Hospice services sustainable and free for anybody who needs it for the generations to come. It means your legacy is helping people make the most of their life for as long as they are able.

The shift of focus when someone comes into Hospice care is distinctive – we focus on living, on what’s most important to our patient, and making them as comfortable as possible, in whatever way works best for them. It’s about each person living every moment the best they can.

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Regular giving:

It’s easy to set up regular giving. You can head to our “donation” page and set up recurring credit card donations, or, if you’d like to help us save on merchant processing fees, you can set up a direct donation with your bank.

If you’re savvy with online banking, simply log in and set up a recurring donation to: 

Westpac Whakatane

Hospice EBOP

03 0490 0172816 02

Please email admin@hospiceebop.org.nz to let us know your reference number (initials with your street number are great, e.g. jsmith26) so we can track and receipt your tax-deductible donation.

If you’d like some help, you can contact us on 07 307 2244 and we can help you arrange a direct debit authority, a credit card recurring payment or provide you with the information to take to your bank.

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Leaving a gift in your Will:

“Legacy”, “gift in will”, “bequest” - these are all terms that describe the act of including a charity in your will. It’s a way of ensuring that your charities of choice are supported after you’ve gone, and a way of giving that can sometimes be easier than giving when you don’t know what costs the future holds.

Including a gift to a charity through your will is a great way to leave behind a, better, stronger more compassionate community well into the future even after you’ve gone. Through leaving a gift to Hospice you can support the needs of terminally ill patients in your community for many years to come.

Planning your will – A lasting legacy:

No matter your age, it’s a good idea to have a will. It’s the legal document that determines how your money, assets and property are distributed when you’re gone and allows you to provide for future generations.

A will also means less confusion and heartache for your loved ones in their time of grief. If you don’t make a will, part or all of your estate may end up going to people you never intended to benefit.

For many charities including Hospice EBoP, gifts in wills are a very important source of income, and come in all shapes and sizes. When you remember us in your will, whether your gift is big or small, it means a lot to us and makes a difference in generations of care to our patients.

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How do I leave a bequest in my Will?

Firstly, your need to think about what you would like to happen with your estate when you die. First consider your family, your community, what impact you wish to make and what you want to secure for the future. It’s helpful to read up on your options, talk with your loved ones about your wishes, and get professional advice from your lawyer. This will be really helpful in ensuring your wishes will be carried out exactly the way you want.

If you are writing your will, you can use this time to decide which individuals and charities you wish to provide for. You can write your will with your solicitor (recommended), otherwise the “include a charity” website has a Wills information pack that has useful information. If you already have a Will or trust, you can make an addition simply by adding a codicil. Your solicitor can do this for you.

What will happen to my gift?

How we make the most of your gift is up to you. You can identify a specific purpose, such as the purchase of equipment, or going towards clinical staff wages, covering our fuel bill, or investment in our capital fund. It’s helpful to leave the gift open to whatever Hospice needs most at the time, but that is your choice.

A gift without any “tags” attached to it when above $50,000, will be invested in our capital fund. Gifts smaller than this will be used at Hospice’s discretion for what our patients need most at that time – whether that be a hospital bed, nursing staff, or an investment into the capital fund.

Any surplus at the end of each year between income and outgoings will be invested in our capital fund.

Your gift can be dedicated to a specified purpose:

While it’s really helpful for you to allow Hospice to use your gift in the way that best meets their needs at the time, you can also specify how you’d like the gift to be used.

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If you’ve read to the bottom of this page, then you’re likely thinking about leaving a gift to your community in your will. It’s no small feat to plan beyond your lifespan; thank you so much for thinking seriously about how you will make a difference, now and forever.


Get in touch

We understand that your will is very personal. At the same time, we can better prepare for our future when we know what gifts have been planned. If you are thinking about giving or want to tell us about your legacy plans, that helps us significantly in our planning. Importantly, it also means we can thank you, and include you in our friends of Hospice group.

You can reach us by filling out this form: