Palliative Care Handbook


This popular resource is now in its 8th edition. Hard copies are available through Hospice EBOP thanks to the generous support of Pub Charity and Genesis Oncology Trust.


The aim of this handbook is to make palliative care understandable for healthcare professionals, using clear, logical layout and understandable explanations of how to manage and cope with problems that can be very challenging. It includes new sections on dementia, nutrition and deprescribing.


The handbook is useful in any place where palliative care happens - it gives confidence to those who use it and therefore hopefully comfort to the people approaching the end of their lives.

Hospice EBOP has handbooks available for health care professionals. Please ring one our Clinical Administrator on 07 307 2244 Ext. 206 to arrange for a copy.

Note: Erratum on page 144: Tramadol. The heading 'Unlicensed use' should read 'Contraindications/cautions'. (This error has been corrected in the pdf version.)

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