Hospice EBoP AGM brings change to the board of Trustees

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Hospice EBoP held their AGM on Wednesday 24th October 2018 at their Whakatane shop on The Strand. The AGM was well attended by supporters of Hospice EBoP. The meeting saw three long serving board members retire and a new board chair appointed. Sharon Tutua, Michael Brown and Tony Adamson have retired from the board after a combined 30 years + between them. CEO Peter Bassett thanked them for their “massive” contributions to Hospice. “It’s a demanding role with a lot of pressure and we’ve been so fortunate to have their governance, skills and time for this long. With this sad departure comes opportunity for fresh blood, energy and ideas from new trustees who can contribute with their unique skillsets alongside the remaining trustees.

Board Chair Terri was pleased to report Hospice to be in a very secure and stable financial condition. “However not ever secure enough that we can reduce our fundraising efforts. With increasing costs and a growing aged population, we still need to work hard to raise $500,000 every year just to keep still.”

Terri Eggleton stood down as board chair and Jude Wilson was elected to the role. “I have big shoes to fill and very small feet” joked Jude. As one of the directors at Hamertons, she brings a wealth of skills and experience to the position, as well as a passion for the community through her involvement in Hospice, Rotary, Te Aka Toitu and the Vic Davis Memorial Trust.

Hospice EBoP is very pleased to welcome John Pullar as a board member. John has been associated with Hospice EBoP for a number of years both through governance and ongoing support with his knowledge and community connections.

The board made a point to thank the volunteers, individuals and businesses that support Hospice and acknowledged that several businesses give Hospice a “100% discount” which makes a big difference in the organisation’s resources to care for patients.