Hospice NZ & Harcourts Grant to provide many nights of comfort for EBOP patients

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

A $5,123 equipment grant has been awarded to Hospice Eastern Bay of Plenty from the Hospice NZ Grants Programme, proudly supported by the Harcourts Foundation New Zealand. The grant towards new beds/mattresses/extensions means Hospice EBoP has been able to purchase another hospital bed which can provide many nights of comfort to our patients.

Hospital beds are a very limited resource for Hospice EBoP, with strict criteria to ensure that the patients who need it most in their final days of life are able to access one. Patients who are bed bound or have limited mobility benefit from the adjustable height of the bed and ability to move the back or feet up to help with breathing, circulation and reduce pressure areas.

More than $63,000 has been donated to hospice services throughout the country in the second year of the Harcourts Foundation funded, Hospice NZ Grants Programme.

The Harcourts Foundation and Hospice NZ established this unique programme in July 2017, and to date more than $114,000 has been donated to hospices across the country. The goal of the programme is to provide member hospices with an opportunity to apply for grants to fund key capital items that have a direct benefit to people using hospice services.

Harcourts CEO, Chris Kennedy says it is an honour to work with New Zealand hospices. “Hospices aim to help people make the most of their lives, to live every moment in whatever way is important to them. I have huge admiration for the work they do and for the difference they make in communities across the country”.

In addition to the Hospice NZ Grants Programme, many Harcourts franchisees around the country work alongside their local hospices, both financially and through volunteer work. In the Eastern Bay, Harcourts Whakatane sponsor Sunshine and a Plate and provide a number of volunteers to help with events and raffle ticket sales.

Harcourts Foundation ambassador, Emma Revell says Harcourts teams from around the country are humbled to be supporting New Zealand hospices. “Our Harcourts values are: People First, Doing the Right Thing, Being Courageous; and Fun and Laughter. We believe these align perfectly with Hospice NZ’s philosophy of helping people to live every moment in whatever way is important to them.”

We are grateful to the Harcourts Foundation and to Harcourts teams throughout New Zealand. These grants make a real, tangible difference to people using hospice services, and help ensure hospice care remains free of charge.