New reception space as Hospice combines offices into one building

The Hospice Eastern Bay of Plenty team, currently spread across two buildings at their premises on Goulstone road, is consolidating their office space into one building to make the most of their resources. The move, happening today, will benefit the service in the long run with the opportunity, with all staff moving into their clinical building allowing them to lease out their villa.

Hospice CEO Peter Bassett is pleased with the move for a number of reasons. “We feel it’s going to be beneficial for our team to work in one building, and build closer relationships with each other. The potential revenue from leasing our villa will help us battle increasing costs and patient needs without increasing the amount we need to fundraise from the community each year.”

Hospice’s old equipment storage room has been transformed into a large open plan office for the clinical team, and the garage at the back of the building has been repurposed for the storage of clinical equipment, lending a bigger space.

“We are so grateful to have received beds and other equipment donations in recent years, which benefits our growing number of patients significantly, however our previous storage arrangements were becoming strained,” said Mr Bassett. “The new storage system helps us make the most of our existing resources, with the ability to get the team into one building and increase our income”.

Hospice purchased the villa in 2008 and then renovated it with thanks to the donation from Project Hope. Their villa, now over 100 years old, has been a private home, a CCS office, and a Doctor’s Surgery in past years. The historic building is iconic with its original style cladding, high ceilings and decorative trimmings. It comprises of 6 large offices as well as the reception foyer and facilities. The Villa will be leased to Financial Mentoring Services who will be moving into the building from February 10th.

The whole Hospice team will be working in the clinical building from the week of the third of February, from this date visitors to Hospice will still enter via the main gates opposite the tennis court on Goulstone Road. From today, reception will be in the building to the left of the villa and a new reception sign is on the door.