Orange Motor Co's Fourth Anniversary of Generosity to Hospice

On the twenty third day of December 2014, the Orange Motor Co gave not just a gift but a commitment; to monthly donations for Hospice Eastern Bay of Plenty. This gift has continued and now about to complete their fourth year, father and son owners Alan and Sam Byrne have so far covered the shortfall for hundreds of visits to EBoP patients by Hospice Nurses.

Alan had a chat with Hospice staff in 2014 and learned of their need for funding to run the service. “We found out that Hospice needs to raise a substantial amount ongoing every year, and needed businesses and individuals to commit to supporting that. We have seen what Hospice does for this community and so we saw supporting them as something we would very happy to do forever.”

The service is one that they have seen in action, with two of Sam’s grandparents receiving Hospice care locally. “They do an incredible job, great support for the patient but also the family. It really takes the pressure off” said Alan.

The Orange Motor Company’s core value is “doing the right thing” according to Sam. “Along with this goes integrity and quality of service, looking after our customers and standing by our product”. The Orange Motor Co are also the only dealers in the country who provide their own warranty for up to 12 months after purchase of their product. Sam explained “Nobody wants to wait for repairs while the seller negotiates with the insurance company. We cover this ourselves, no excess, no insurance arguments.”

Monthly donations are a great way to support the Hospice, says CEO Peter Bassett. “Contributing a monthly regular donation makes it easy for the business to plan for, and helps Hospice massively with ongoing planning and budgeting too. We are beyond grateful for the loyalty and support of Orange Motor co, and of Alan and Sam for their commitment to Hospice.”