Renshaws cleaning jewellery for Hospice donation for the rest of 2019

Renshaws is fundraising for Hospice with a generous offer valid to the end of this year. Since March, all their jewellery is cleaned for a donation to Hospice. They have raised $500 so far, and the team is really pleased with the response.

Shop owner Hayley Cobb has found it a hit with their regulars. “The customers really appreciate it. People feel good about donating to Hospice, and some people have been very generous.” Working charity into their ongoing business has made it easy and achievable, and the staff think the initiative is great. “It’s a service we can do and make it worth something” says Cobb.

Hospice CEO Peter Bassett with Renshaws Owner Hayley, and staff Donna and Trudy

“We are so grateful and impressed with this initiative” says Fundraising Manager Anna Hughes. “When businesses think creatively about how they can support charity, while not interrupting their general business too much, it is sustainable, easy, and the whole region benefits. I’m so impressed with their initiative and success, and hope it inspires other local businesses to see what they can slot in to work into their operations.”

“Raising funds for Hospice is an annual challenge, while we work really hard to reduce our costs, the shortfall between DHB funding and the cost of getting nurses into patients homes so they can be comfortable and supported in their final months is still $500,000 per year. It’s only because of the constant fundraising efforts and variety of community support through donations, sponsorships, volunteering, events and running our shops that we can do this. We encourage people to get their thinking caps on for how they can develop their own sustainable fundraising streams that make it easy for Hospice to focus on patient care.”

Anyone can go into Renshaws and get their jewellery cleaned in exchange for a donation to Hospice until the end of 2019 at 178 The Strand, Whakatane.