Switch to Tiny Mighty Power



Hospice EBOP will receive $50.00 for every new customer who signs up with Tiny Mighty and chooses Hospice EBOP as their  community group to support.


The gift that keeps on giving! Hospice EBOP will continue to receive $10.00 annually on the 'switchover' anniversary!


Existing Tiny Mighty customers can become supporters too.


How do I switch?


1. Go to www.tinymighty.co.nz and click 'Sign Up'.

At 'Referral', tick 'I want to support a community organisation by associating my account'.

Type in 'EBOP' and select 'EBOP Hospice'.

After you fill in all the required information, click 'Submit Application'.




2. Ring Tiny Mighty Power on 0800 88 66 99.

Make sure to remember to mention you want to support Hospice EBOP

as your community organisation of choice.


Thank you for your support!