Hospice EBOP volunteers are a very important part of our service and we would not be able to operate without them.  Volunteers serve in many different roles, with or without patient contact. Specially trained and supervised volunteers provide a wide range of supportive services to patients and families, both in the home, and at our Time Out patient respite programme every Thursday.  Volunteers are a special part of the Hospice team and provide the helping link between the professional staff and patients, family members and the community.

Volunteer application form

Volunteer retail application form


Criminal Conviction History application form* (complete pages 2-3)


Police vetting application form* (complete page 3 and sign page 4)


Volunteer responsibilities


Volunteer roles


For more information, please ring our Volunteer Coordinator Charmaine Travis, on 07 307 2244 

or email volunteerservices@hospiceebop.org.nz.


*Note: All volunteers must undergo a background check.

Which background check do you need? Check the Volunteer Roles you are interested in to see which background check is required.

  • Ministry of Justice Criminal Conviction History: for volunteers with no or very limited patient/family contact

  • NZ Police Vetting: for volunteers with patient contact. Hospice EBOP is required by law to vet individuals who care for/support the vulnerable elderly and/or children.