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Clinical Nurse Specialist

Clinical Nurse Specialist - Palliative Care

Based in Whakatane

Your Role


We’re looking for someone who has the same passion we do for making this end- of life journey easier and more comfortable for our patients. We’d ideally like you to have at least 5 years experience and knowledge of palliative care as well as the relevant qualifications in palliative care, a postgraduate certificate – or working on a postgraduate diploma.

You’ll be working closely with other nurses in the team and out in the community, so you’ll need to have great patient assessment skills as well as advanced communication skills and time management. Side note - jokes and lively life stories are a prerequisite of the job especially during tea and lunch time. If you can bake a good choccy cake and own a dog, you’re pretty much already part of the team.

The role of a palliative care nurse is a special role. We’re dealing with patients and their whanāu at a highly emotional stage of their life and we’ll see them through until after their last day. We bond with our patients and the job all of a sudden becomes not a job anymore. We become part of our patients lives and their whanāu’s. You’ll find a connection to the job like you’ve never had before. 

You will need;

  • Current registration with the Nursing Council of New Zealand.

  • Current New Zealand Drivers license

  • Be a citizen of New Zealand or have permanent residency.


The role will require you to;

  • To provide an in-reach / liaison service to Aged Residential Care (ARC) facilities to support the delivery of best practice palliative care for Hospice EBOP patients 

  • To provide ongoing clinical care / support to HEBOP patients in ARC facilities

  • To coordinate and deliver Hospice New Zealand (HNZ) Fundamentals of Palliative Care Program and HNZ Syringe Driver Competency Program to ARC facilities and generalist palliative care providers

  • To provide coaching and mentoring to staff in ARC facilities across the region to support the delivery of quality palliative care to residents and their families /whanau

  • To promote and encourage a learning environment within Hospice EBOP clinical team, facilitating and coordinating responsive and comprehensive learning opportunities


Have we sold it to you yet?

Here’s what we can also offer you...

There’s no night shifts or shift work. Weekends are only on-call and are 6 weekly. If you want to further your education, we will encourage you to do this and will provide the support – pom poms included. We love families. If you have a family (this includes pets), you’re almost expected to share stories of your weekends with us since we’ll be your new work family. 

We’re a flexible bunch, some of us can almost do the splits even. But this also means, if you want a Thursday off in June to watch your daughter in a play – then you most likely can. Because we’re flexible in that area too. But mostly proud of the almost splits. 

Our work environment is super supportive. The admin team is not only there to support the clinical team, but to provide emotional support and cake for the days that aren’t as upbeat.

Are you out of town? Fear not, we can provide you with a relocation bonus of $3,000!

Oh, and you can get a free flu vaccination on us.

Why live in the Eastern Bay of Plenty?

Our sunny slice of paradise offers something for everyone. We know you’ll love it too. 

​The warmer months bring even more buzz to town, from food festivals to marathons to live bands. There are so many outdoor activities to choose from to lap it all up too - whether that be a beach walk, or a bike ride along the river. 

Are you a foodie? Look no further. In the colder months, the cafés up their game. The Whakatāne township is also home to the most delicious cuisine, from award-winning pies to Korean fusion to freshly baked croissants at Sunday’s markets.

​If water activities are what you're into, you'll never get bored. There's kayaking, paddleboarding and a great surf beach. Jetskiiers and watersports frequent the harbour, and further along Ōhope Beach on a windy day, you can join the kite surfers. One of the only marine volcanic dive spots in New Zealand is off the coast of Whakatāne too. If you’d rather stay on the land, grab your rod and a chair, and find a spot on the wharf at high tide to join the other fishermen enjoying a lazy weekend. 

​Like weekends away? Whakatāne is only a few hours’ drive from the mountain or the lakes if you’ve seen enough of the sand.  It’s also a quick drive to Mount Maunganui if you’re keen to dabble in some shopping and the city life, before enjoying a scenic drive back to the traffic free Whakatāne.

The Eastern Bay of Plenty is beautiful, and we know you'll love it here! Come and join us!

How can you apply?

We’d love to hear from you. Call us on 07 307 2244 to have a chat about the job, or come in for a cup of tea and a chat at 37 Goulstone Road, Whakatāne. 

If you just want to get this show on the road, email your CV to our CE –

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