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Donating to our Shops

Do you have furniture or large bulky items that you would like to donate to Hospice Eastern Bay of Plenty? We can come and pick up  these items for free!

Grey Living Room Sofa

What we can pick up

We can offer a free pickup service if you're donating large items, such as useable furniture or large working appliances like washing machines or fridges.


If you're unsure, please call us during work hours, or email us and we can let you know straight away. or 07 307 2244

What we are unable to pick up

Unfortunately we are unable to pick up appliances that aren't working, or large furniture items that we won't be able to sell in our shops. 

If we are unable to take your donations, please do not be discouraged, we do not intend to offend we are only here to do what is best for our Hospice.

Broken Concrete

Request a Free Pickup

Please fill out the following and we will get back to you to arrange a time.

Are the item(s) easy or otherwise diffcult to move?
Is there easy access to the site and to the item(s) being collected
Is there a dog on the property, will they be contained?

Thanks for submitting!

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