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Hospice Awareness Week 2024

13th - 19th May

"Embrace Hospice, it will be a magical thing you do."

A recent public attitudes survey found two-thirds of New Zealanders said they wouldn’t know what to do if someone they care about was dying.

Hospice Awareness Week (HAW) aims to raise awareness and educate the public on hospice services and how we’re here to help and support people who are dying as well as their loved ones. We want to reach those people who are missing out because of fear or misunderstanding. We want to take away the fear and stigma around hospice, because dying well actually means living well and at Hospice we want people to Live Every Moment in whatever way is important to them.


For HAW 2024 we want to share real video stories of hospice patients and whānau who talk about the care and support they have received from hospice. The aim is to help take away the stigma and fear around using hospice services. We want to ensure that more people know that hospice care is there for them and their whānau, when and where they need it.

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