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Behind the scenes at the Hospice shop

Every day, our 3 Hospice shops receive many donations in the form of clothing, bedding and linen, crockery, pictures, books, cd’s, bric-a-brac and electrical items. Sometimes, items come from a deceased estate house, people moving house or moving overseas or from people upgrading their furniture and appliances.

Hospice EBOP is very lucky to have an amazing group of volunteers, who are on hand daily, to sort through all the donations to ensure they are priced and displayed correctly in the shop.

Our volunteers sort through bags of clothes and linen, sort through boxes of bric-a-brac and crockery, categorize books, mend and repair clothing where possible, sort and tidy the shop floor, clean and repair jewelry and serve customers at the till. Volunteers also help in the delivery van, picking up and delivering furniture to each of the shops in Kawerau, Whakatane and Opotiki.

When bags of clothes are received into our shops, the clothes are sorted through and put on hangers. They are then steamed before being put on display in the shop. Designer clothes are priced individually and placed on wooden hangers and put onto the specific designer rack in each shop.

Crockery and bric-a-brac must also be inspected for chips and cracks, the volunteer will individually price each item, where applicable, and put it onto a trolley ready to be displayed in the shop.

All electrical items that are donated to the shops are first tested to ensure they are in working order before they can be sold. Any electrical items that do not work are disposed of.

Bedding is measured and the size is written on the tag beside the price.

Books are categorized and priced individually before being put out onto the shelves.

Furniture and large items are priced and put directly onto the shop floor as there is no storage space in the back of the shops.

Any jewelry that is received is cleaned and repaired, if necessary, before being priced and put on display in the glass cabinet in each shop.

Shoes are checked to ensure they‘re in good condition before being priced and displayed in the shop.

Sometimes, items that are donated are broken or in an unsuitable condition and cannot be sold are disposed of.

Our Hospice shops would not exist if it wasn’t for the generosity of our local communities who donate their goods to us. We would not be able to open our shop doors each day without our volunteers, who generously donate their time each week to helping us run the shops.

All profits from the sale of goods in the Hospice shops goes directly into helping Hospice EBOP run our free palliative care service. If you have items, large or small, that you would like to donate to one of our Hospice shops, please drop them into your nearest Hospice shop.

If you would like your large items to be picked up for free by our van, please call our office on 07 307 2244 to make arrangements.

If you would like to volunteer in any capacity in any of our 3 Hospice shops please give our office a call on 07 307 2244 for more information.

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