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National Volunteer Week 2022

National Volunteer Week 19-25 June 2022 honours the collective energies and mana of all our volunteers in Aotearoa.

More than one million people across Aotearoa volunteer for an organisation, contributing $4 billion to the economy. Much more happens within communities and informally between people.

At Hospice EBOP, we rely heavily on our valued volunteers. Our volunteers generously donate their time in many different ways, through our three Hospice shops, in the delivery van, as patient support, life story writers, fundraisers, bereavement support, newsletter deliveries and patient transport. Hospice EBOP has over 120 volunteers, which enables the staff at Hospice EBOP to deliver our palliative care service throughout the Eastern Bay of Plenty.

This year, National Volunteer Week coincides with the new public holiday for Matariki (24 June). Matariki is the time many Māori and an ever-growing number of Tauiwi in Aotearoa and around the world gather family and friends and reflect on the past, celebrate the present, and plan for the future.

This National Volunteer week, the theme is ‘Time to Shine / He wā pīataata.’

Let’s take the time to reflect / whaiwhakaaro on all those who give mahi aroha / volunteer for their communities.

It’s a time to recognise and celebrate volunteers, a time to shine / pīataata.

It’s Matariki, a new year and a fresh start; a time to dream / moemoeā and make plans for the future.

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